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Charter Options

We are not doing charters at this time

Thank you from everybody at Santa Cruz Catamaran

Custom Charter
$200/hr, 2 hr min

Cruise east or west from the Santa Cruz Harbor.  Livin the dream! Includes snacks and soft drinks.

Longboard Surf Charter 5hrs $800/ 6 people

Morning 7am-12 (includes granola yogurt and coffee)

Afternoon 1-6pm (includes snacks and soft drinks)

Pleasure point or Cowells

Its a party! Call for details

Costal Lifestyle Cruising*
8hrs $1400 up to 6
$1200 for 1-4 people

Come fishing, anchor for lunch, bring surf or paddle boards.  Call for details

*You must have a personal CA fishing license if you want to fish

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